Puppers Grooming Services

Puppers Mobile Grooming offers a wide array of services to keep the furry members of your family looking their best.

Our regular dog grooming packages include bath, nail trim, tear free facial, ear cleaning, sanitary trim and more. If your four legged friend needs a little extra care, we offer A La Carte services which include Prescription Shampoos and Skunk Odor Removal (for the adventurous pupper).

Whatever the need, our certified pet stylists will come to you with a smile on their face and a dedication to providing the best spa day for your pet. With each grooming we provide aromatherapy and calming music to provide the best experience possible for our clients, both human and furry.

Yorkie with Grooming

Puppers Packages

All services include bath, nail trim, tear free facial, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, nose and paw moisturizer, breath freshener, cologne, bowtie or bow and lots of tasty treats

ProductWeight RangePricewith Full Groom
Posh PupUp to 15 pounds$50$75
Dainty Dame16 to 25 pounds$60$85
Happy Hound25 to 50 pounds$70$95
Dapper Dog51 to 70 pounds$80$105
*All prices subject to change based on condition of coat and time required
Small dog being groomed

A La Carte

Scissor Cut no Clippers – add $30 per hour

Prescription Shampoo – add $10

De-shed Treatment Per Hour – $35

Skunk Odor Removal – $30.00 plus bath

Topical Flea Treatment Add-on – $10

Proper Primping for the Dapper Dog
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