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Continue reading below to learn more about Puppers Grooming and get some commonly asked questions answered. Have a question not covered here? Feel free to call or email us at any time.

Yes! We are insured and bonded through Governor Insurance

It is highly recommended. This meeting is less than 30 minutes and gives us an opportunity to get all the necessary information about your home and pets. At this meeting you will need to have two keys for the lockbox.

One of our Puppers Pals will meet you and your pets, go over all of your instructions, tour the areas of your home you want the pet sitter to access, and answer all of your questions. At this time, two keys will be placed in the lockbox and code will be programmed. You are free you use a lockbox of your choice, or we will provide one at $25.

We provide care for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, pigs, fish, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

There are many reasons to have a pet sitter come to your home rather than have your dog at a boarding facility. With a pet sitter, your dog never has to leave the comfort of his familiar environment. We provide a “lived-in” look for your home while you are away by gathering the mail and newspapers, watering the plants, taking out the trash and bringing in empty trash cans. Your pets stay on their routine with morning and evening feedings, walking, and play time.

You should book as soon as possible. It does get busy during the holidays. Puppers Pet Sitting understands there are emergencies, and we will do our best to accommodate your during those times.

At Puppers Pet Sitting, we understand that plans change. Please notify us as soon as your plans change. We do not charge for cancelling or rescheduling unless we arrive at your home.

You will not be charged for the visits that have not been completed, or you will receive credit if for those that were paid in advance.

Yes, but because of the risk and uncertainty involved, you will be asked to sign a waiver releasing Puppers Pet Sitting from liability if the cat should be injured or become missing.

No, Angel’s Pet Care requires at least 2 visits per day for dogs and at least one visit per day for all other pets While you are away?

Your Puppers Pal will make every effort to contact you and receive your instructions. However, in the case of an emergency, she will not hesitate to take a pet to the veterinarian. Puppers Pet Sitting is not responsible for costs incurred from veterinary visits.  Additional time spent transporting the pet and providing extra care is billed to you upon your return.

Your Puppers Pal will attempt to contact you first so you’re aware of the situation. Then you can instruct her with how you want her to proceed.  If she is unable to reach you, she will contact your emergency contact for instruction and/or she’ll handle the situation to the best of her ability.

Your Puppers Pal will provide pictures as well as a service report for each visit while you’re away. In addition, Puppers Pet Sitting is available to you by phone should you have any questions or concerns.

Puppers Pet Sitting will not allow any pet in our care to go without food. If food does run our, your Puppers Pal will purchase food (the same brand if possible). You will be charged the cost of the food plus $15

If there are friends or family who will be visiting your home while you are away, please put a note in your Pawfinity profile for Puppers Pets before you leave on your trip.  A waiver of liability will need to be signed in order for your booking to be approved. Also, you will be asked to provide the name of the person, the make of their vehicle and approximate times they will be at or in your home. If the sitter is not aware of anyone having your express permission to be at or in your home, the police will be called and the client will incur any fees charged by this action.

Client confidentiality is very important. Puppers Pet Sitting does not share client information.  In addition, we do not keep keys in our possession, and your code is specifically chosen by you.

We accept cash, check or card on the first day of service based on scheduled services.

We have several options for pet visits that you can choose based on the needs of your pets. If your dog requires more exercise, we would recommend longer visits.

Yes, if you are a current pet sitting or grooming client, a Puppers Pal is available and already has your information. Puppers Pet Sitting will make every effort to accommodate last minute NEW clients, depending on the time and resources available.

Yes, your Puppers Pal will administer pills, ointments, drops and certain injections as long as it’s a process you have been doing yourself and your pet is cooperative.  The sitter will not administer medication to any difficult animals that pose a danger to her.

Puppers Pet Sitters has many Puppers Pals. We will do our best to provide the same Puppers Pal for each visit. You will be notified of each Puppers Pal as they enter your home.

You will receive a service report after each visit and a phone call if there are any issues regarding your service. Feel free to instruct your Puppers Pal to send you an email, text or voice mail on whatever frequency makes you most comfortable.  Your peace of mind is important to Puppers Pet Sitting.

Please make sure that all pets wear identification tags at all times while under the care of Puppers Pet Sitting. You should also make certain that your backyard and gates are secured while you are away. The pet sitter will be diligent about checking gates upon arrival. If your pet happens to escape, she will search for your pet and contact the necessary agency to alert them of your pet’s disappearance and will contact you immediately.

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